OpenBook’s SMART System


OpenBook has introduced the third generation of OpenBook SMART System since 2013. The system has fully integrated sales data from retail market, physical bookstore and online bookstore channels.

The 3.0 generation system is featured with a full-variety database, multi-dimensional interactive display and comprehensive metadata, which offer users to understand the market scale, competition, book sales and performance of the Chinese book retail market from different dimensions.

The system also integrates more elaborate data analysis dimensions, and incorporates a personalized and intelligent analysis model, from the data, indicator layer to the model perspectives.

The system designed functional modules and personalized channel for editors, distribution staff, marketing staff and management personnel in the publishing industry.

Presented by the concept of portrait, te system contain the information of books, classification and publishers information that users are most concerned about, so as to form a comprehensive industry authoritative database based on book sales data.

Authoritative industry data
As of January 1, 2020, OpenBook monitored more than 10,000 online and offline bookstores. The online channel includes online bookstores such as large-scale self-operated online stores, platform online stores, and small and medium-sized online stores. The offline channels include 4,495 bookstores. Our coverage includes most of the state-owned and influential privately owned bookstores in 30 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions. (Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Tibet are not included in our system.) In 2019, OpenBook tracked around 71.72 billion RMB in sales. OpenBook believes that its coverage accounts for approximately half of the total market sales.

Main modules

1. Book inquiry and book portrait

The book inquiry channel provides metadata, sales, available on-shelf and inventory data. Currently there are over 3 million unique titles in the system, covering all categories. The user can search the book according to the title keyword, author, ISBN, publisher, book category, etc.; browse or export the sales of books in each sales channel (retail, physical store, online store); search by in sales period (at weekly monthly and annual basis). Meanwhile, the system offers querying function for the portrait of the book, so that user can learn about the sales and ranking of a book, or the availability and inventory status, or metadata of the book. Book inquiry function provides comprehensive information services for publishers to conduct market research and topic selection planning.

2. Bestseller charts

The bestseller chart channel provides sales ranking of books for all categories, in all channels, and with various types of bestsellers. The categories are divided by 4 levels of OpenBook category. The channels include retail, physical stores, and online store sales channels.

The types include best-selling books or new books that reflect market hotspots and dynamics; backlist bestsellers, as well as unsalable books that does not generate sales or has risks on books inventory. Users could search bestsellers by various dimensions, such as by sales period (monthly, annual), by publication date (monthly, annual), etc. Users can browse and export bestseller chart by any dimension. At the same time, the system supports all the information of the book according to the book portrait. This channel is also one of the main services for OpenBook to provide data and information support for the publishers to conduct market research and topic planning.

3. Market competition

The market competition channel provides data on market competition indicators such as sales competition and store competition in the overall and various market segments. The multi-dimensional competition analysis demonstrates the competitive landscape of overall China’s book market, the publisher’s position and the competitors' performance in various channels.

Users can query and compare competitive indicators according to market type (overall market, new book market), sales channels (retail, physical store, online store), market segment (4-level standard classification), sales period (monthly, annual) and other dimensions. Meanwhile, users could review publisher’s information by clicking on the name of the publisher and entering the portrait. Users can also closely track competitors and compare the gap by comparison function. This channel is one of the main channels for OpenBook to provide market indicators for the macro management for publishing organizations.

The types of market competition entities are: publishing houses, publishing groups, and publishing companies.

Only Chinese version is available for SMART system currently. Please contact us for customized report if you read English only. If you can read Chinese, please contact us for free trial account to log in this system.


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