China International Copyright Services Conference 2020: Digital publishing application examples in 5G environment

Digital publishing application examples in 5G environment


Source: OpenBook 2020

Left:Andrew Mendoza, Chief Strategy Officer of Inception

Right:James Bryant (CEO of Jiang Boyan LLC)

Mr. Andrew Mendoza, Chief Strategy Officer of Inception, has been focused on Bookful, Inception's world leading 3D/AR book platform for children. Bookful APP is taking the 2D book, bringing it to life with 3D. So the book is at the heart of the experience and then surrounding it with other activities that are fun but building creativity. The book itself resides entirely on the device. Readers don’t require a print book to be present in order to be able to activate the AR Experience. It is really helpful for learning new languages as well as learning native language.


Source: OpenBook 2020

During the pandemic period, what Inception found is that the rate of growth in terms of people using the app accelerated and the amount of time they were spending on the APP accelerated. Inception had a lot of different users - over a 1 million in total since they started. Most recently in the last few months, Children on average are now spending 45 minutes a week on the APP and reading 20 books on average per month, which accelerated 6 to 9 months worth of growth into three months.


Source: OpenBook 2020

Inception currently take the whole picture book and recreate the whole book in 3D and AR. Inception also shared that it recently signed a copyright cooperation agreement with Chinese writer Yang Hongying, and obtained the AR production and global distribution rights for her 10 Panda’s Diary series of picture books, which will be launched on Bookful APP at the end of this year. There are two ways to experience Bookful, either in a local language with Chinese content and translated books or English language with a Mandarin User Interface and dictionaries. The Children can learn but improve Chinese, and they can also improve their English.

Source: OpenBook 2020

With regard to the future of integrated publishing, with the popularization of 5G applications, China will become one of the countries with the highest 5G network penetration rate in 2025. Inception believe that there is a lot of room for the development of AR technology in the future, including the production of AR books and educational AR games and many more.


Source: Shuyouzhijia(photographer on the conference), 2020

2020 China International Copyright Services Conference and China Digital Publishing Innovation Forum were held from September 5th and 6th. The conference has a theme "All Media Copyright Economy in the 5G Era" this year and the forum has a theme of “Digital inheritance and sharing of high-quality development results”.

With the invitation of the forum's organizer, the China Publishing Association, James Bryant, CEO of Jiang Boyan, organized foreign guests to deliver speeches via teleconference and share with participants via video.

The significance of the conference is to gain insights into industry changes and trends, and application of latest digital technology and successful business models in the publishing, e-commerce, copyright, and Internet education industries at home and abroad.

This year both conference and forum activities invited about 200 offline representatives and 2,000 online representatives from the publishing and related industries.

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